I delight in following promptings.

About a month ago, I really felt I needed to reopen my facebook account. At first I was a little frustrated at the thought. I had not missed facebook at all since I closed my account back in December. I would daresay I was rather proud of my facebook free life. After a week of thinking about it however, it came down to being the only way I could contact one of my mission companions, so I got back on. I have used it minimally since then but didn’t feel like I needed to deactivate it like I’d done before.

Today I think I realize why. I received a message from a woman I taught on my mission in my very first area. I remember the night we met her like it was yesterday. We were an answer to her prayer and she was definitely an answer to ours as well. I sent her a letter or two but mostly lost contact. I haven’t forgotten her though. I pray for her from time to time and reflect on the experiences we had teaching her.
We come into each others lives for reasons. We may not see them right away, His ways are not ours, but it will work together in the end. No coincidences.
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