I delight in my big brother.

“Did someone just turn the light on?” That’s what Marilyn said to my mom today in sacrament meeting when the bishopric announced the change of the last hymn. We Thank Thee O God for A Prophet, Craig beamed. Its Craig’s favorite hymn for reasons not as reverent as one might think but his favorite non-the-less.

(back story: one of his young mens leaders once told the story about how he was trying to get his companion to be obedient or something so he hit his companions head over and over on the wall while singing we thank thee o god for a prophet…see, not so reverent…however the story has endeared Craig to the hymn forever)
Today Craig spoke in sacrament meeting. I’m not sure I’ve ever heard Craig speak from a pulpit before, unless it was in Primary and that was a long time ago. But today I watched him beam as he spoke to the congregation about preparing for General Conference. He smiled as he sat on the stand throughout the meeting and listened to the other speakers but he radiated as he and the congregation sang the closing hymn, We Thank Thee O God for a Prophet. What a special time.
I delight in the best big brother ever! I delight in family. I delight in the gospel. And I especially delight in the fact that General Conference is coming, the time to hear from our dear Prophet and other General Authorities. I am grateful for the answers I so anxiously await. I am grateful for the preparation for conference that kind of ‘kicks me into gear.’ I am grateful for life and all the opportunities it affords.
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