I delight in the highs and lows.

Wow, today was one of those juxtaposed days–there was good and the good was real good. Then there was bad and that bad was well not so bad just really sad. But its the highs and lows that keep us balanced.

In my Old Testament class tonight, we discussed why 200 years of happiness is summarized in 14 verses in the scriptures and yet 2 entire books are dedicated to the documentation the downfall of two entire civilizations. Why is so much wickedness, death, and destruction detailed in the scriptures? How is it that the fact that God is our loving Heavenly Father can be easily ‘missed’ by some who read the Old Testament? I don’t have an answer. But I do have an idea…its not a well developed idea but its an idea.
I think its because we easily remember the good times. We remember the times we’re happy. The times we’re safe, the times we’re blessed, the times we’re filled. Those times can come so easily to our minds that we compare the hard times to them constantly. “Those Canaan days, we used to know, where have they gone, where did they go?” I’m grateful for the detailed manner of the wickedness is written so I can be reminded that choices matter and making the wrong choices will take me somewhere, I don’t want to go. They also remind me that no matter what happens and how hard things get, how far astray I go, there will always be a loving Father in Heaven ready to welcome me back. That is a natural high, the atonement of Jesus Christ brings happiness in the most sad of circumstances, light in darkness, and hope in a dreary world. “All that is unfair about life, can be made right through the Atonement of Jesus Christ.”
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