I delight in support.

So here’s the deal– Everyday I go to school with the most amazing group of individuals. I’m grateful for a wonderful cohort of friends to experience this ‘graduate school’ thing with. Otherwise, I think I would frequently crawl in corners and cry. That is all! Have a fantastic day!

I delight in no internet?

Okay, that might be a lie. I have always been of the mindset that having a blackberry/a-never-leave-the-desk-or-the-email-or-the-internet-attached-to-the-pocket-device is a bad idea. I like shutting things off, putting things away and changing gears all together. With a ‘permanently-connected’ device–well it would be a challenge. However, my apartment is currently internet-less. That’s right, no internet connection for Read more about I delight in no internet?[…]