I delight in little things.

-Yesterday I saw ducks waddling all over the front yard of this person’s house. They didn’t have a pond in their front yard, or their back, but the ducks seemed to enjoy the large puddle that had formed from all the water coming out the rain gutter.

-I also had to stop yesterday (in the same neighborhood) for a quail family to return home after a family reunion across the street (okay, maybe that’s a stretch), but seriously a whole quail family 20 or so of them all walked across the street while I waited for them.
-I got a free newspaper today!
-I’m going to go to the gym and FHE later.
-I’m writing a card to a dear dear friend tonight.
-Today I found out that I excelled better in some school exams and papers than I thought I would. That’s always delightful!
-I finished the Book of Mormon last night. And I took Moroni’s challenge and I’m here to tell you…its still true! If you haven’t read it, you should. If you’ve read it, you should pray about it. If you want to know more about what I’m even talking about…click the little yellow “I’m a Mormon” badge on the left of my page!
-Yesterday I saw my Grandpa, Great-great Aunt (is that the term for your Great-grandmother’s sister?) and my Aunt Jean (who isn’t actually my Aunt, she’s my Dad’s Aunt. Does that make her my great Aunt? I get all these familial terms confused). Anyway, it was delightful to drive safely down to Utah Valley in the rain and the wind to see family that I love so much!
-I went to bed at 9:30 last night. Maybe it was 10. Either way, it was quality sleep!
-I had a good chat with my Mom today, thanking her for the yummy YUMMY soup she sent home with me!
-Therapy went well! I’m actually coming up with good ideas!!!
-I delight in having a furnace. 62 degrees in my apartment this morning. I’d say that’s a little nippy!
-It was POURING all night, everytime I woke up, I loved just lying and listening to it! So peaceful!
-And finally, there was snow on the mountains. So joyous! I tell ya, its the most wonderful time of the year! It starts in October and goes till January! The season makes my heart rejoice!
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