I delight in Dad.

Aren’t Dad’s great? Here’s a few of the reasons I think my Dad is amazing… -He knows how to have fun and laugh. -Somehow, he knows everything about everything. -I got his little squinty eyes. -He gives the best advice. Seriously. -He helped instill in me the importance of education. -Dad has set a great Read more about I delight in Dad.[…]

I delight in reading.

this is not a picture of a book…its a picture of the bed…read below and catch the connection In anticipation for a traditional family vacation that is coming up…I’ve been thinking about this bed. Yep…my bed at the cabin. Its pink…in a forest…I know. But it has 2 controls for the electric blanket, a beautiful Read more about I delight in reading.[…]

I delight in beautiful days.

my favorite view in the world. photo by me! Words can’t describe all the beautiful things about my day. While moments have been quite frustrating there is such joy in knowing…its all going to be okay! 🙂 Happy day!