I delight in change.

Some people love it.
Others hate it.
In fact, some people will do ALMOST anything to avoid change.
Sometimes instead of embracing the past, we hold on to it, hoping that it will change back.
It never does.
Nothing in this life is as consistent as change.
So why fight it, why not embrace it.
Whenever I am fighting the urge to hold on to change a song from the movie Hairspray pops into my head. Random I know. I don’t even think the song is on the actual movie, I think its only on the CD or maybe on the credits. Either way…the important part is the lyrics.
“What’s gone is gone, what’s in the past…is the past.”
Insightful isn’t it. Its gone, its over. Its like Raffiki in the Lion King whacking Simba over the head trying to teach him the same concept.
This same idea is repeated in one of my all time favorite songs (can you tell that I LOVE music?)…The Call by Regina Spektor on the sound track for Prince Caspian and the Chronicles of Narnia.
“Just because everything changes, doesn’t mean that its never been that way before.”
We’ve all had to deal with change before and inevitably it will go changing on us again so let’s try harder to embrace it. To live in the now with a hopeful eye to the future. Looking to the Lord to understand the change and to learn from it!
Life is meant to be wonderful!!! Enjoy each day, enjoy each stage, embrace change, embrace life.
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